Saturday, February 1, 2014

Becoming Part of the World Consciousness

Krista Tippett featured commentators on Telliard de Chardin, a French Jesuit geologist, who presaged the Internet in predicting the potential for a global human consciousness. He interpreted human consciousness as an event on par with development of life itself on Earth as a phenomenon of galactic significance.

Imagining today the significance of the stress of nine billion people on Earth in 2050 is a necessary aspect of the global human consciousness if we as a species have any hope of avoiding catastrophe of disease, warfare, and pollution arising from abuse of natural systems.

The individual challenge is for us to be mindful that we are each part of the evolving human consciousness. Might I be so bold as to assert that those of us in the humble service of recovering resources from wastewater can make and defend our case that our's is an example of a future that works. We are doing it today, and we must boldly set ourselves in the camp of those who advocate for a sustainable future in which all peoples live with fulfillment and health.

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